The IAU President:

IAU Inviting Scholar to Advance Research Affairs

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 15:35

The IAU president has stated that Islamic Azad University is a private organization based on people’s thoughts, therefore it has to be able to build wealth through carrying out investigations.

In an inauguration ceremony of IAU deputy of Science and Research, Dr. Farhad Rahbar stated that 30-year of university services are the result of professors, executives, employees and students efforts and without unity and cooperation, nobody will be able to carry out its mission and responsibility at this university, IAU public relations reports.

Dr. Rahbar noted that unfortunately, carrying out research issues has been neglected in the country and less than half of one percent out of four percent of gross domestic product (GDP) contribution is allocated to research affairs.

The IAU president also added that if 10 percent of the university 30,000 full-time faculty members have the ability to research, this area will be developed greatly in future, “we have to pass from paper production and more concentrate on building wealth from science in the third generation of the university.”

Dr. Rahbar declared that IAU research headquarter is responsible to integrate knowledge factors and create wealth through applying all the university facilities.


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