Smart Seatbelt, Results of Bardsir IAU Students Joint Project

Sunday, September 24, 2017 - 15:11

Scholars of Islamic Azad University, Bardsir branch, have made a smart seat belt using Artificial Intelligence.

Saeid Kheirkhah and Alireza Gholam Hossein-pour, Bardsir IAU researchers, explained that applying AI in this project can help to reduce casualties and accidents as well as making people more regulated .In this regard, Kheirkhah stated that smart seat belt would reduce over 60% of face and jaw injuries. If a driver does not fasten his seatbelt in 30 seconds after starting the car engine, the system will begin alerting.

Researchers found that variable heart rate and heart rate are good indicators of if a driver is concentrated and feeling awake, and the slowing of breath can indicate fatigue from monotonous driving, therefore even after fastening the seat belt, it must be placed on the driver's body correctly until its Heart Beat Sensor being activated. In condition of fastening the seatbelt imperfectly, the sensor will stop the car after 30 seconds alarming.

Most sleep related crashes happen on long journeys on monotonous roads so smart seatbelt, which is including microcontroller to analyze information received from the belt and the car keys, also help Traffic Police through proving information on digital screen.

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