What is Barzani’s Benefits from Iraqi Kurdistan Independence Referendum?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 12:28

Today, the action plan of Iraqi Kurdistan Region, with a focus on Democratic Party of Kurdistan and Masoud Barzani, has been failed during the occupation of Iraq and under the American military pressure on Iraqi constitution.

Apparently, the US government and Zionist entity would officially accept Kurdistan regional autonomy through putting pressure on Iraqi parties.

At that time, which America was trying to engineer the structure of power and new government in Iraq in line with its own desires, strategies and policies in the region by removing Saddam, the essence of the new constitution and its content were placed on the agenda.

On one hand, the content of Iraq new constitution was under the high pressure of new international system and the US government, while on the other hand, there was a strong ethnicity with a growing separatist potential and a relatively strong religious and ethnic crack, transformed Iraq constitution into a triangle of heterogeneity and incompatibility.

Therefore, it must be said that although Barzani is the main accused of the new challenge in Iraq, but this action is the result of the US regional policies and interests of Zionist regime. For years, Zionist regime has made many efforts to stimulate the Kurds and falsify their history and culture to gather fellows in the region. In this regard, what is Masoud Barzani’s benefit from this event?

Although Masoud Barzani, as Kurdistan Democratic Party president, could be the president of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq for a decade through receiving majority of votes, but the downward trend of Barezani’s party representative numbers in Iraqi parliament and National Assembly demonstrates the reduction of public interests toward him.

Barezani cannot interact properly with Iraqi central government therefore, Kurdistan Region and central government relational processes are not favorable during recent years. So the Iraqi government's aid has been cut off to this area and they have not paid the region’s 17% contribution from the whole country’s budget. In addition to this, the number of displaced people from Syria and other parts of Iraq as well as following the emergence of ISIL, have tighten the economic and social situation for Barezani’s local government. As an example, in some cases, the local government has been unable to pay its employees' salaries.

The spread of Barezani’s government administrative and economic corruption and the lack of accountability to new generation demands, made the situation harder for him and his party. In this situation, planning a referendum, which is prompting Kurdish people’s feelings, is Barezani’s solution to get away the crisis and rehabilitate his party’s condition. He imagines that whether this referendum be held or not or if the outcome would be positive or negative, he would achieve to his goals and the issue of referendum itself is not very important to him.

On the one hand, he introduced himself as a hero among Kurds, on the other hand, he could score points from central government. Due to the existence of other opposition parties in the region and Kirkuk incidents, Barzani's scenario will face a major defeat and the upcoming election’s consequences may affect his party too.


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