Bardsir IAU Faculty Member Invention to Help Cultural Heritage and Monuments

Monday, October 9, 2017 - 13:29

A faculty member of architecture department of Bardsir IAU has submitted his invention “alarming device for monuments' component deviation” to protect historical sites.

In his interview with ANA News Agency, Dr. Hossein Fallah explained that the device has been designed to inform and prevent physical damages of the monument.

Bardsir IAU faculty member stating that the historical components are exposed to various destruction, deformation and deviation damages therefore, the device will inform the repairer to prevent damage progress.

He also added that the device reacts to the deformation of components and inform department of building protection as soon as possible. Its sensors include photocells, LAD lasers and transmitter and receiver radio module that are installed in sensitive positions.

Registering 3 inventions, presenting over 5 papers at national and international assemblies and winning silver medal at the 13th Moscow international Salon of inventions and innovation technologies "Archimedes" are other honors of this researcher.


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