Eqlid IAU Student Conquers Manaslu, World 8th Highest Mountain

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 10:13

A student of Eqlid Islamic Azad University has reached to the Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world at 8,163 meters (26,781 ft) above sea level.

According to an ISCA report, Arman Shahpari ascended 8,163-meter Manaslu Mountains. He went on to say that climbing started on September 1 and they reached the peak on September 26. This is for the first time that Fars Province mountaineers have reached the Manaslu peak, Shahpari said.

Its name, which means 'mountain of the spirit', comes from the Sanskrit word manasa, meaning 'intellect' or 'soul'. Manaslu was first climbed on May 9, 1956 by Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu, members of a Japanese expedition.

It is said that 'just as the British consider Everest their mountain, Manaslu has always been a Japanese mountain.'


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