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Kirkuk Gvt Wants No Conflict with Iraqi Kurds

Friday, October 20, 2017 - 21:15

Kirkuk is considered as one of the most oil-rich area in Iraq. After ISIS attack in 2014 and Iraqi army's withdrew, the situation had been provided for the presence of Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the region. Iraqi forces took over key positions in the Kurdish city of Kirkuk and nearby oil-rich areas on Monday.

According to an ISCA report, Dr. Saeid Sasanian, an expert on West Asian issues, analyzed the situation and explained that Kirkuk is considered as one of the most oil-rich area and after ISIS attack in 2014, a group of Iraqi army retreated, therefore, Kurdish Peshmerga forces used the opportunity, settled there, and have not left the area till this day.

He continued that due to the absence of Iraqi armies in Kirkuk, the Kurds stayed in the area and did not retreat. Iraqi Army and Hashad al-Shaabi forces tried legally to liberate the area which is under the sovereignty of Iraq and Barzani has no power like before there.

Dr. Sasanian noted that after Kirkuk liberation, the Iraqi government and army will not enter the areas which required military confrontation with the people of Kurdistan. They just want to decrease Barzani’s power which was the Kirkuk city itself not the people. The occupied areas have been mostly oil resources, oil facilities and military bases so far which confirmed the claim.

Eariler, a convoy of elite Iraqi military forces took control of the governorate building in central Kirkuk on Monday, meeting no opposition from Kurdish forces deployed in the city, security sources and residents said.


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