Moscow to Hold Iran, Russia Top Universities Summit

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 16:05

The third joint meeting of Iranian and Russian Top Universities scheduled will be held in the Russian capital on October 27.

According to an ISCA report, the meeting will be held with the presence of Iran's Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanaei and Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichiy in Moscow on Thursday.

The upcoming joint meeting of Iranian and Russian Top Universities can play a major role in boosting the performance of the two countries' colleges in various arenas, including education and science.

The first edition of the event was held at the venue of Central Library in Lomonosov Moscow State University on October 28, 2015.

The presidents of 10 Top Universities of Iran and 19 presidents and representatives of Russian Universities were present in the event.

The second edition was hosted by the University of Tehran on October 20, 2016. Rectors of 13 Iranian and 18 Russian universities were present at the summit.


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