Faculty of World Studies at UT Opens Supporters Foundation

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 16:11

The Supporters Foundation of Faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran has been opened by the presence of ministers of Foreign Affairs and Roads & Urban Development.

According to an ISCA report, the meeting of opening Supporters Foundation of Faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran was held with the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Abbas Ahmad Akhoundi, head of University of Tehran, Dr. Mahmoud Nili and a group of benefactors in Melal Hall of this university.

In this meeting, the head of Faculty of World Studies, Dr. Seyed Saeid Reza Ameli explained that, faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran was established in 2007 as the first academic institution in Iran dealing with the study of countries and regions around the world.

In January 2007, the University of Tehran established the Faculty of World Studies as the first faculty of its kind which seeks to promote effective and practical understanding of major countries. It is important to train young men and women who aim to look at the past and present of other countries and predict their future economic, social, political, and cultural trends.

Although in its embryonic stages, the Faculty has established itself as one of the premier institutions in Iran focusing on an inter-disciplinary approach to the study of political, cultural, economic, and sociological aspects of a given country or region.

A better understanding of the world at large and these countries in particular, is an essential component of the program and the Faculty of World Studies. This understanding is necessary for the promotion of international peace, security and peaceful coexistence, which are the prerequisites to the overall development of our mother Earth.

The Faculty offers two-year MA programs in British Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Indian Studies, North American Studies, Russian Studies, Latin American Studies, Japanese Studies, and Arab World Studies (with focus on Iraq, Egypt and Palestine). Since February 2011, the Faculty has started Iranian Studies, specifically designed for non-Iranian students. The Faculty also offers new programs on other countries in South Africa.

Attempts have been made to promote the interdisciplinary approach in joint studies such as US-China, Japan-Korea and US-India studies which will provide the grounds for a network of understanding in the field of culture, economy and politics as well as common opportunities and threats.

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