Roodehen IAU & Chinese Company to Launch Mutual Production Line

Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 10:50

Rangin Nano Nahal Company, located in center of growth of technology- based branches of Roudehen Islamic Azad University, has signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Chinese company to launch a mutual production line, on the sidelines of the CHInano 2017 Conference & Expo.

According to an ISCA report, the 8th edition of Conference & Expo CHInano 2017was held on October 25-27th, 2017, in Suzhou International Expo Center.

scholars in nanotech industry as well as top-notch nano experts in government organizations from all over the world participated in this event to share their latest achievements, cutting-edge information and development trend in the fields of micro nano manufacturing, nanobiological medicine, nano environmental protection and clean technology and new nanomaterials, etc.

Rangin Nano Nahal is a company which has been using electrostatic powder coating engineering knowledge as well as the properties and capabilities of nanoparticles to produce antibacterial Nano-structure, corrosion-resistant Nano-structure and luminescent electrostatic powder coating and after initial testing and laboratory prototyping.

The head of Rangin Nano Nahal Co., Dr. Rahmani stated that based on the previous negotiations, the company signed a mutual MoU in order to produce annually 500 tons in China, also part of the company’s technical knowledge will be available for the Chinese one.

CHInano 2017 Conference & Expo consists of the main exhibition area for nanotechnology and five nanotech application theme exhibitions; the main exhibition area focuses on nanotechnology and the theme exhibitions explore the applications of nanotechnology; thereby, a vertical nanotech industrial chain can be built.

The conference is an excellent platform for enterprise exhibition, product promotion, capital cooperation and technology matchmaking and exchanges.

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