Eating Dark Leafy Green Could Ease Arthritis symptoms

Monday, November 6, 2017 - 12:36

Eating certain types of foods with anti-inflammatory properties could ease Arthritis symptoms.

According to the report, vegetables are key to beating arthritis symptoms and dark leafy greens and brightly colored vegetables, including kale, spinach, peppers, beetroot and rocket, are best at easing pain. Broccoli, however, is the arthritis-fighting heavyweight.

“What we eat impacts our joints. Simple dietary changes can reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Berries, leafy green vegetables, dairy foods and some citrus fruits could help to fight the symptoms,” said pro-health clinic director, Oliver Eaton.

For protein, arthritis patients should look to eggs, organic chicken, wild game, salmon, tuna and herring. Kidney beans, lentils and peas are good sources of protein and fiber, and could be swapped for refined gluten products.

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