“DORNA,” a Versatile Robotic Arm

Monday, November 6, 2017 - 16:26

Iranian researchers from US-based Texas and Illinois universities have created a versatile and precise robotic arm dubbed “DORNA” which is able to implement a wide spectrum of commands.

According to an ISCA report, “Sadegh and Hossein Tabatabaei” from US-based Texas and Illinois universities made a robot which is able to do various activities such as preparing salad in the kitchen, taking photograph in a very complex and sensitive situation and conducting laboratory activities, etc.

As equipped with five hinges, this sophisticated robotic arm can move at 150-degree speed/second horizontally and vertically, researchers maintained. The body of the robot is made up of 1st grade aluminum used in aerospace industry. This robot has fair and reasonable price that can be provided easily by students, university lecturers, artists, researchers and other enthusiasts.

The use of this robot does not need sophisticated and complex computer information, so that a simple software called “Dorna Lab” makes it possible to control and plan the movements of the robot. Of course, professional users can use it to do more professional activities.

It should be noted that versatile robotic arm will hit the consumer market in coming year at $890. Researchers put the cost of industrial robots similar to this robot at approx. $50,000.


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