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Ancient City of Gōr, Iran's First Circular City

Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 16:55

As Iran’s first circular city, Gor is located 50 kilometers east of Meymand and 6 kilometers north of Firouzabad in Fars province.

Gor has a diameter of 2 kilometers and is surrounded by a brick wall and a moat 50 meters across. The city had four entrances named Hormuz Gate (north), Ardeshir Gate (south), Mehr or Mithra Gate (east) and Bahram Gate (west).

At the center of the city, a spiral structure 30 meters high existed, which was meant to keep fire alit. The city contains relics such as the visages of a number of Sassanid princes on the remains of a castle dating back to the time of Ardeshir Babakan.

The city is also adorned with paintings and artifacts dating back to the Sassanid Era. Even after approximately 2,000 years, many of the paintings have retained their original colors. As recently as 2006, a number of graves of Sassanid princes in tub like coffins were discovered.

Gor was chosen by Ardeshir Babakan of the Sassanid Dynasty as the capital of his empire. In fact, and perhaps as a result, the city is also known as Khor Ardeshir. The round feature of the city and further renovations are attributed to the Parthian Dynasty, although Ardeshir can be credited for repopulating it. During the Sassanid rule, Gor contained one of the largest libraries of the region with many rare and priceless books.


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