Faculty Member of Karaj IAU Appointed to 2017 ISOFAR Vice Chairman

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 12:42

A faculty member of Karaj Islamic Azad University has been appointed as the vice chancellor of International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR) during the 19th Organic World Congress which took place in India.

According to an ISCA report, on the sidelines of the 19th Organic World Congress, Dr. Mohammad Reza Ardakani has been chosen as the vice chancellor for International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR).

Dr. M. Reza Ardakani brought to the ISOFAR over 17 years of international research/teaching experience in the area of organic agriculture. Reza is a Full Professor of Agroecology and Organic farming in the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Azad University, Karaj, Iran.

In 2007, Ardakani joined to the Department of Organic Farming, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria where he worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. Upon moving to Canada in 2012, he worked as a Research Fellow at the Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph and later on as a Research Associate at the Department of Environmental and Resource Studies, Trent University.

His areas of research interest are Cropping Systems, Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition in Sustainable Agroecosystems. He is well experienced in regulations, standards and certification processes of organic products and combinations of his scientific backbone and direct contacts with organic farmers, NGO’s, government, private companies and traders in different continents such as Europe, Asia and North America brought him an extensive practical experiences and provided him a set of knowledge in organic farming at international level.

Dr. Ardakani is a Board Member of Iran Organic Association, Member of Technology Innovation Platform of IFOAM, he founded the first accredited organic inspection body company in Iran, and the first certified organic research farm based on EU Regulation in Iran as well as IFOAM-IRAN which currently is its director.

The Organic World Congress of IFOAM - Organics International is held every 3 years in a different country. The aim of the congress and related activities (pre-conference, General Assembly, side-events and organic exhibition) is to share experiences, innovations and knowledge about the organic world, while giving the organizing country global visibility.


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