Tehran & Kashan to Host Japanese Cultural Festival

Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 11:49

Two Iranian cities, Tehran and Kashan will be the host of a Japanese cultural festival.

Performing Japanese folk music concerts, the Japanese tea ceremony and holding origami workshops are some of the programs arranged for the festival, the Embassy of Japan, the main organizer of the event, announced on Thursday.

The festival will open with a duet by Ichitaro, the renowned Japanese taiko-drummer, and shinobue virtuoso Koji Kishida. Shinobue is a Japanese traditional flute. The duet is slated to be repeated at the Ameriha Hotel in Kashan on December 4.

December 7 will be celebrated as Japan culture day at Tehran’s Melal Cultural Center

In addition, a piano recital has also been arranged to be performed by the celebrated Japanese musician Aki Kuroda during the festival, which will run until mid-January 2018.

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