Shiraz IAU Introduces Smart Wheelchairs in Reseach & Tech Exhibition

Sunday, December 17, 2017 - 11:50

Smart wheelchair has gained a lot of interests in the recent times. These devices are useful especially in transportation from one place to another. The Islamic Azad University, Shiraz branch has introduced a Smart Wheelchair in the 18th edition of Research & Technology Week & 7th Techmart Exhibition held in Tehran from 13-17 December, 2017.

According to an ISCA report, the research and technology deputy of Shiraz IAU, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Jabari stated that the robot can be mechanically controlled by head and eyes movements.

Furthermore it also provides an opportunity for visually or physically impaired persons to move from one place to another. As an intelligent pragmatic robot, its speed can be adjusted with changing the speed of the head and eyes movement, he added. This reduces the user’s human effort and force to drive the wheels for wheelchair.

Dr. Jabari also noted that the sound system of this inexpensive robot with the feature of Persian voice command is in design process.

The machines can also be used in old age homes where the old age persons have difficulty in their movements. The devices serve as a boon for those who have lost their mobility. Different types of smart wheelchair have been developed in the past but the new generations of wheelchairs are being developed and used which features the use of artificial intelligence and hence leaves a little to tinker about to the user who uses the wheel chair.

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