S & R IAU Researchers Create Dip & Spin Coating Device

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 - 11:46

A research team from Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch, has designed and made dip and spin coating devices which can be applied in microelectronics, nanosensors, gas sensors, solar cells and superconductors.

According to an ISCA report, the research, carried out by Seyed Mohammad Elahi (supervisor) and Dr. Leila Afkari, has many applications in different kinds of soluble and liquid substances, Chemical Solution Deposition (Sol-gel), polymers and temperature sensitive chemicals.

As Dr. Elahi explained, the base of spin coating device is centrifugal force and due to the solution concentration, a certain amount of it has been poured on all or part of the underlying layer; up to reaching to the desired speed, it would be placed under a rotational acceleration.

Dip/spin is a process whereby product is placed in a mesh basket, submerged in coating solution and spun to remove the excess coating. The temperature and viscosity of the coating, immersion time, spin direction and velocities and the cure method are among the variables that allow users to customize a process recipe and achieve precise, highly repeatable results.

Dip/spin technology is compatible with all major coatings types used in fastener finishing; specifically, coatings that combine high resistance to chemical and galvanic/bi-metallic corrosion with UV stability, anti-galling properties and/or anti-vibration characteristics. Most would also be compatible with sealants, adhesives and locking patches and would be dry to the touch when cured.

Easy installation, light weight, being portable, possibility of using in substrates larger than 2x2, and removing restrictions in its applications are some advantages of this device.


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