AI Can Detect Deception in the Courtroom

Saturday, December 23, 2017 - 12:46

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence system that can detect micro-expressions and detect if a person is lying.

The AI system, called Deception Analysis and Reasoning Engine (DARE), has been developed by researchers from the University of Maryland and Dartmouth College, Daily Mail reports.

To develop DARE, the researchers trained the system using videos of people in the courtroom. In their study, published in arXiv, the researchers, led by Dr Zhe Wu, said: 'On the vision side, our system uses classifiers trained on low level video features which predict human micro-expressions.'

The team trained the AI to recognise five micro-expressions known to indicate that someone is lying - frowning, eyebrows raising, lip corners turning up, lips protruded and head side turn.

After watching 15 videos from courtrooms, DARE was then tested on whether it could tell if someone was lying in a final video.

Results showed that DARE managed to spot 92 per cent of the micro-expressions, which the researchers describe as a 'good performance.'


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