Khorramabad IAU Student Ranks 3rd in Int’l O-sport Champs in India

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - 11:23

A student of IAU- affiliated Khorramabad SAMA Organization won the bronze medal and ranked third in the international O-sport championships in India.

According to an ISCA report, the international O-sport championships was held on December 13-15 in New Delhi.

Amir Mohammad Esfehani in kickboxing (86kg) could overcome his rivals but was defeat in semi-final encounter and ranked 3rd in this tournament.

The multi-skilled technical structure of O-Sport is formed of: Persian arts and games, such as Dooz, slingshot, Ley ley, Alak Dolak, swimming and struggling of Persian tribes. During a process of deep studies and modernization, these Games have become the industry of sport.

These sports include Aqua O-Sport (the combination of struggling, swimming and passing through the barriers), Artistic O-Sport (The combination of shooting skills, passing through the barriers with acrobatic skills), Mind O-Sport (the combination of Dooz and others), and Combat O-Sport (the combination of self-defense, shooting and martial arts skills ). These competitive techniques and disciplines have been named with the benefit of Persian words and ancient names of Iranian cities.


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