Qazvin SYNTECH IAU Holds 3rd Annual Startup Showcase

Monday, February 5, 2018 - 16:14

The Technology and Innovation Center (SYNTECH) of Qazvin Islamic Azad University has held the third annual startup showcase with the presence of IAU president and IAU Deputy of Research and Technology.

According to an ISCA report, almost 12 startups including HR Startup,, asista, HAMNAMA, Behpand, Melody Game, Aadli, Orbi, Kahoo, Bamjou, VODOO and Ordibehesht, were introduced in this showcase.

In this event, Dr. Morteza Mousakhani appreciated IAU president and vice-presidency deputy of science and technology for their supports and attentions toward researchers and innovators and providing proper situation for commercializing academic products.

He also noted that nowadays students do not just concentrate on learning sciences and are brave enough to apply their knowledge in industry.

SRC pursues the vision of improving human productivity and mindfulness by practical use of AI in software development and more than 50 investment companies and institutions participated in this event.


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