The 1st Large-Scale Exhibition by a Major Western Museum in Iran

The Louvre in Tehran

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 09:26

Louvre Museum is launching a major exhibition at the National Museum of Iran in Tehran with 50 unique works.

According to an ISCA report, between March 5th and June 8th, 50 works from the Musée National Eugène Delacroix in Paris will be exhibited in the National Museum of Iran under the title ‘The Louvre in Tehran.’

A selection of more than 50 masterpieces from the Louvre’s various departments and the Musée Delacroix will be displayed, with the statute of Sphinx featuring as the most prominent. Many of these works are associated with various cultures such as Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. The exhibition will embrace several ancient Iranian objects as well.

The show reflects France’s determined use of cultural diplomacy as it seeks to rebuild traditional ties with Iran, even as their officials hold tense talks over political and security issues.

In cooperation with the exhibition in Iran, the Louvre-Lens (the Louvre’s satellite museum in Northern France) will exhibit The Rose Empire: Masterpieces of 19th-Century Persian Art from March 28th to July 22nd. Here, visitors will be able to travel back in time through the breathtaking art of the Qajar dynasty, which ruled Iran between 1786 and 1925.

The cultural domain offers a chance to focus on the positive re-engagement between France and Iran, which has also been seen in a number of trade and investment deals involving carmakers Peugeot and Renault as well as energy giant Total since the 2015 nuclear accord.

University links are another branch, with some 1,700 Iranians currently studying in France.


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