IAU to Host the 1st Iranian Congress on Academic Medicine

Sunday, March 18, 2018 - 22:29

The first Iranian Congress on Academic Medicine will be held with the presence of notable professors from Oxford and Cambridge universities in Tehran on April 17 to 20, 2018.

According to an ISCA report, the head of Islamic Azad University Medical Branch, Dr. Seyed Ali Abtahi, stated that Academic medicine describes a field of medicine, which is pursued by doctors who engage in a variety of scholarly activities such as teaching and research.

As he explained, these doctors tend to prioritise their scholarly activity over the clinical workload. Even though these doctors comprise a small proportion of all medically qualified doctors in the world, they are the workforce for new innovations and discoveries for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Distinction between academic and non-academic doctors in the West is usually based on whether they are primarily employed by the University for research and education, or by the local health authorities to provide health service to the community. Such distinction is difficult to draw in Iran because “Medical Universities” are responsible for providing health service as well as educating students and doctors at all levels.

Prof. John Wass and Prof. David Warrell both from University of Oxford provided an invaluable support and intellect to plan which is going to be one of the most important medical events in Iran in the last few decades.

Some of the senior authors of Oxford Textbook of Medicine will be giving lectures on their areas of expertise and engage in discussion with the audience. Prof Tim Cox, a guru in metabolic medicine from University of Cambridge will provide insights into Gaucher’s disease.

Prof Jeremy Farrar, the Director of Wellcome Trust, will talk about his amazing journey over the years in the UK and in Vietnam to discover some of the deadliest viruses affecting human kind. Prof. Derick Wade, Director of neurorehabilitation in Oxford, the man who brought measurement to rehabilitation research in the world, will tell us that one does not need a large fund to do high impact research.

Prof. Kevin Talbot, Head of Neurology in Oxford, provides insight into the nature of neurodegeneration from his vast experience. Prof. Chris Conlon, will talk about tuberculosis that is as important a problem as it was ever before, and hopefully will introduce new weapons to us to fight it.

Islamic Azad University, one of the largest universities in the world with no governmental funding will host the 1st Iranian Congress on Academic Medicine. Enthusiasts can get more information by referring to www.academicmedicine.ir

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