IGTC to Develop Cooperation with Domestic and Foreign Universities

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 15:25

The managing director of Iranian Gas Transmission Co. (IGTC) Saeed Tavakoli stated that cooperating with knowledge-based companies is one of the most important strategies of IGTC.

In his interview with ISCA News Agency, Tavakoli explained that the private sector and their supports for knowledge-based projects and research activities contributing to national production.

He declared that besides holding the first academic conference, the company held self sufficiency exhibition and displayed over 330 localized pieces last year.

He noted that installing and running the first national turbine, was the result of research-based cooperation with universities. The company also collaborated with foreign universities such as University of Seville, one of the top seven Spanish Universities in funds granted for research, in Implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management System in National Iranian Gas Company and sub-companies (IPCMMS) project.


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