Qazvin MRL Team Wins the Championship in Iran Open 2018

Monday, April 9, 2018 - 09:24

The Iranian MRL team from Qazvin Islamic Azad University won the championship title by obtaining top 7 places in main competitions and as well as 5 top places in technical section at the 13th RoboCup Iran Open competitions.

According to an ISCA report, the 13th RoboCup Iran Open competitions, known as RoboCup IranOpen 201​8, were held at Tehran International Fair on April 3-7, 2018 with participation of various teams from 11 countries.

The closing ceremony of the 13th RoboCup Iran Open competitions was held with the presence of the chairman of Iranian National RoboCup Committee, Dr. Morteza Mousakhani, top academic individuals and researchers, the country’s officials and ambassadors of foreign countries at Tehran International Fair.

In RoboCup Soccer Standard Platform League in student section, HTWK team of Germany ranked first and in RoboCup Soccer Middle Size Platform League, the MRL-QIAU team took the first position.

In Humanoid KidSize and Humanoid Teen-Size League, the MRL-QIAU team came first by winning top places. IRC team of Ilkhchi IAU won the best title in technical section of Humanoid AdultSize League. Small Size Robot Soccer League, MRL-QIAU team became champion and ER-Force tea, of Germany took the second place.

In Real Rescue Robot League, MRL-QIAU ranked first, Yazd IAU became runner-up, KN2C team from K. N. Toosi University of Technology and landed third.

In RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation League, Auro team of University of Tabriz won first place, while MRL-QIAU and Apollo-Rescue from China came in second and third place respectively.

In Rescue Virtual Robots League, SOS VR from Amirkabir University of Technology, Echoic team ranked second and Aura-VR won the third place. Iran M.I.C team scooped the best title in presenting techniques in Rescue Agent Simulation League.

In the RoboCup@Home league which aims to develop service and assistive robot technology with high relevance for future personal domestic applications, MRL-QIAU won first place.

Outdoor UAV League, MRL-QIAU and IRSE team from South Tehran IAU took first and second place respectively while, MRL-QIAU ranked first and Pardis IAU ranked third in Industrial Robot League.

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