Pardis IAU Engineers Make Wheelchair Allows Disabled People to Stand

Monday, April 16, 2018 - 08:16

Researchers of Pardis Islamic Azad University, have designed a wheelchair with a stand up mode feature, which allows a disabled person to drive the chair while in a standing position.

According to an ISCA report, one of the researchers, Farzad Cheraghpour Samavati, stated that stand-up wheelchairs meet all individual requirements for size and disability. It Increases independence and improves quality of life for everyone whose muscles do not give enough support to stand up and for those who like the benefits of powered chairs.

He continued that Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are prevalent with wheelchair users. But, researchers have found that employing a standing machine or standing wheelchair will significantly reduce UTIs. Altering posture allows the blood to circulate around the whole body. For instance, sitting down in one place will cause the blood to stagnate and cut down blood flow to other areas of the body.

Standing upright is the basis of reclaiming self-reliance. A couple of illustrations are having the ability to get to cupboards, replace light-bulbs, and looking at a reflection at a normal level. Sitting down or lying down for extended periods is a known result in tiredness. Muscle tissue could atrophy and very easily become tired. Standing up helps to work out these muscles groups and minimizes fatigue.

The faculty member of Pardis IAU also explained that the chair can be controlled manually or with linear electric motors. It also equipped with 3 screw jacks which change sitting mode to the standing one. Its battery, with good charge storage capacity, is able to have three hours of permanent work.


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