Persian Language Expanded Abroad to Create Concentration, Synergy, and Integration

Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 11:40

People are increasingly interested in learning more languages, and sometimes even obliged to, and Islamic Azad University has a key role in developing and showing the richness of the Persian language to the world.

According to an ISCA report, IAU has emphasized the importance of establishing courses on Persian Language and Literature, Iranian civilization, and Islamic-Iranian Art in IAU’s international branches. The university also believed that presenting lesson plans, student admission, and sending out educational staff must be done with the collaboration of students and consideration of educational, and cultural affairs.

In this regard, ‘The Saadi Foundation’ was established in 2012 to be consigned with the strategic management and execution of the educational, research, cultural, and media activities in the domain of expansion of the Persian language and literature abroad, based on the objectives, policies, strategies, and regulations governing the international cultural relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Based on the Public Relations of Saadi Foundation, Persian language and literature has been taught in Baghdad, Paris, Greece, Hyderabad, Pakistan, Japan and etc. with the goal of teaching the Persian language and with an emphasis on Persian language and culture.

Recently, due to the efforts of Persian Language tutors in the world, students from Hamburg will take Persian Language and Literature exam at secondary school in order to receive graduate certificate.

An Iranian Persian language teacher in Hamburg, Maryam Ghorbanian stated that Persian, Arabic and Italian languages ​​are listed in secondary school courses for the first time this year.

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