Iranian Researchers Implement 3D Virtual Dressing Mirror

Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 14:12

Iranian researchers have designed and implemented 3D virtual dressing mirror which allows to try before you buy.

According to an ISCA report, one of the researcher, Ali Rafiee stated that 3D virtual dressing mirror can be applied in shopping malls and other public places and clothes move with motion and naturally fit on the body. Present the trying-on effect in all directions.

As he explained, this device provides a perfect virtual dressing experience by creating a 3D model of a human body that precisely matches that of the outfits.

These 3D models are made by its advanced data collection equipment that captures images and establishes virtual gesture control. At the same time, it allows a free transmission of data between PCs and mobile devices by the compressing and transmitting technology of big data.

He noted that various systems including human diagnostics, organ detection, advanced 3D follower, motion detection, advanced 3D graphics engine and an intelligent user interface which are considered as the components of this system.

The research has been carried out by Ali Rafiee, electronic engineer from Tafresh University, Hassan Rafiee, electrical engineer of Shahed University, Dr. Mohammad Javad Abdollahifard, faculty member of Tafresh University, department of electrical engineering and Ali Zakeri, electronic engineer of Tafresh University.


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