Qazvin IAU Domestic Electric Car To Enter Electric Vehicle Market

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - 13:44

The head of Qazvin Islamic Azad University, Dr. Morteza Mousakhani, has announce on obtaining vehicle number plates for 400 two-seater micro-electric vehicle 'Yooz' which have been manufactured by domestic knowledge-based firms.

According to an ISCA report, the Yooz quadricycle was designed and developed by engineers at Parax Company, affiliated to Islamic Azad University's Qazvin branch. The company specializes in designing small electric cars.

Greenhouse gases emission due to fossil fuels and growing energy needs are developing progressive advances of Distributed Generation technologies. Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Renewable Resources, Plug in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) as energy storages and Demand Response (DR) are great examples of the technologies. The advances are subject to efficiency enhancement, emission lower, reliability enhancement and economic improvement in smart grid.

As Dr. Mousakhani declared, 400 units of this car has been planned to be released in five stages, and called on domestic producers and suppliers of products to make their utmost efforts in order to materialize objectives of the current year's motto which is "supporting Iranian goods and products”in the best form possible.

The two-seat battery-powered EV is 120 centimeters wide and two meters long. Its small size can help reduce parking problems in the major urban areas.

It weighs 400 kilograms and charged for three hours can cruise for 200 kilometers at 80 k/h. The car's maximum speed is 100 k/h and as far as looks go, Yooz closely resembles Renault's zero-emission quadricycle Twizy.


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