Imam Khomeini's Message to University Students

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 16:06

One of the most important recommendations of Imam Khomeini (r.a.), the late founder of the Islamic Republic, to youths, especially university students, was ”to save the university from deviation and perversion as well as the nation and the country.”

According to an ISCA report, there is another point in our magnanimous Imam's testament, which is a warning to youngsters against plots that are particularly designed for them. If young adults of a country are determined to push their country forward: they need to be lively, dynamic, healthy, strong, and keen towards working on and making progress.

In order to destroy this spirit in our Iranian youth, they try to dishearten them through planning various schemes, spreading corruption, promoting immorality, publicizing drugs and forming organized hate groups. The Iranian youth ought to be on high alert. Today, the determined fight against drug use, on the part of the officials of the Islamic Republic, is a great jihad and a deep-rooted movement to help the Iranian nation move forward, reports.

They do not want the dynamism of Iranian youth in workshops, laboratories, universities, scientific arenas, and in agricultural and industrial fields. Youth who indulge in their sexual desires or in drugs are not in the mood to work or in the mood to think. Such youth with addictions do not have the strength to work nor do they enjoy enough innovation or determination.

Today, we should fight the organized plots which are aimed at encouraging the Iranian youth to indulge themselves in carnal desires, drugs, and various sexual entertainments: these are very dangerous plots indeed. First off, it is up to the people, themselves, especially the youth, to fight against those plots. The youth must be cautious. The enemy has found out that the piety and faith of the Iranian youth will help them progress in various fields: the enemy wants to undermine this factor; the Imam issued a warning [in his testament] in this regard.

He warned all youth, universities, and Islamic seminaries to be vigilant against the said plots. Deceiving and weakening the youth is synonymous with keeping the nation ignorant. The entire nation must feel responsible, and the officials must make sincere and determined efforts in this regard: this is a great jihad[...]

Here are some of his message in this regard, based on “Imam Khomeini’s (r.a.) Last Will and Testament”

“One of their major plots mentioned earlier, is to take over the educational centers, especially the universities whose trained output would naturally take the control of the country in their hands. Their methods with respect to the clerics and the schools of Islamic sciences are different from that of the universities and high schools. Their plot is to remove the clerics from the scene and to isolate them. During the time of Reza Khan, a great deal of torture and persecution were used to achieve this purpose, but, thank God, the result was reversed. With propaganda, false accusations and devilish plans, they tried to segregate the educated and the so-called intellectuals. This continued during the time of Muhammad Reza cunningly and without apparent violence.”

“As to university, their plan is to alienate the youth with their own values and cultural identity in order to draw them over to the East or the West and to select the statesmen from among them. These selected individuals were instituted in positions of authority and doing whatever they want to the country. They plundered the country’s resources and exploited the people through their internal agents. Nevertheless, the clerics, who had been isolated, despised and defeated, reacted passively to the case. This is the best way to hold a nation in a backward state and to plunder the countries under their domination. It is easy for superpowers and of no cost to them while the whole wealth of nations goes to their pockets smoothly.”

“Now that due to the revolution‟ we are involved in the act of purging the universities and teacher-training colleges, it is necessary for all of us to help the officials and not ever let these institutions deviate from the right path. Take the necessary action as soon as you notice any deviation. This vital task should be primarily carried out by universities students. To save the university from deviation and perversion is to save the nation and the country.”

“I hereby urge our youth, their parents and friends as well as statesmen and intellectuals who care for the country to participate in this important task wholeheartedly to maintain the safety of the country and to deliver purified universities to the next generation. I also advice coming generations to guard the universities against tendency to the West or the East, as this is necessary for salvation of themselves, the country and beloved Islam. This humane and Islamic act cuts off the hands of superpowers from the country and makes them lose all hope. May Allah bless and protect you!”


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