Fanoos Theater House to Present Bijan & Manijeh of Shahnameh

Sunday, June 10, 2018 - 13:08

The theatrical work “Bijan & Manijeh” will be shown in Fanoos Theater House on June 21-29, 2018.

Directed by Mahtab Nasseri, the play presents one of the love stories in the Shahnameh (Book of Kings), the long epic poem written by renowned Persian poet Ferdowsi (940-1020), reported.

Bijan was the son of Giv, a famous Iranian knight during the reign of Kai Khosrow, the king of Iran, and Banu Goshasp, the heroine daughter of Rostam, the leading hero in Shahnameh.

People from Armenia complain to Kai Khosrow that wild boars are invading their fields. Bijan is sent on a mission to fight the boars. He succeeds in forcing the wild animals back to their lairs. The day after, Gorgin, a knight who had accompanied Bijan on the quest, informs Bijan about the beautiful gardens of Afrasiab, tempting him to cross the border from Iran into the mythical land of Turan on the northern shores of the Caspian Sea.


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