Dr. Farhad Rahbar:

IAU is Ready to Carry Out Joint Academic Projects with Neighboring Countries

Sunday, June 17, 2018 - 13:44

The IAU president, Dr. Farhad Rahbar, has stated that Islamic Azad University is responsible to break the scientific monopoly, created in the world, and share its academic achievements with Muslim scholars.

According to an ISCA report, in his meeting with non-Iranian students, Dr. Rahbar noted that expanding cultural and academic ties with Muslim and neighboring countries, is an especial task of Islamic Azad University.

Pointing to the student admission from neighboring countries, which is one of the IAU’s main assignment, Dr. Rahbar noted that science and knowledge are one of the tools of economic development, which developed countries try not to share that with developing countries, but today, Iran ranks 16th in world scientific production and will take the 14th place in near future.

The IAU president also remarked that students must equip themselves with the power of science and knowledge because they are their countries’ science and culture representatives.

He continued that universities of Iran, especially Islamic Azad University, are highly equipped with laboratories and workshops, and also declared that forming scientific consortium in neighboring countries will lead to the scientific promotion, achieving knowledge and wealth creation.


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