Google to Prevent Cheating During Quizzes

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 11:42

Google just announced several new updates that range from the ability to add and lock quizzes to better organizing classwork assignments.

Google has published new updates to lock quizzes to better organizing classwork assignments and help teachers work more efficiently and allow them more time with their students.

First, teachers can now organize assignments by units, themes, or dates on the “Classwork” page. Before these changes, educators and students would need to scroll through the whole page to find the relevant assignment. They also no longer need to re-post repeating assignments.

Second, teachers can add, remove, and update the information of students, guardians, and co-teachers on the “People” page.

Last, they are now able to edit their classroom description, course code, and several other features in the new “Settings”.

Google also redesigned its “Stream” to be more compact. The Stream is where teachers can publish announcements, assignments, and discussions, and students can respond to their teachers’ posts. All of these changes will be available this autumn or educators can sign-up now to test the features before the school year begins.

Teachers frequently must deal with academic dishonesty. This autumn, educators will be able to create and “lock” Google Form quizzes directly in Google Classroom. Students will be unable to look at other pages until they have submitted their quiz. This feature will unfortunately only be available on “managed” Chromebooks.

Google Classroom is a free web service that was developed specifically for educators and it easily works with a wide range of G Suite apps. Google Classroom was launched in August 2014 and is used by 25 million teachers and students worldwide.


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