Shahr-e-Qods IAU Hosts 4th National Pahlavani Wrestling C’Ship

Saturday, July 7, 2018 - 13:39

The 4th edition of national Pahlavani Wrestling Championship has been held in Islamic Azad University, Shahr-e-Qods branch in July 1st, 2018.

According to an ISCA report, 80 athletes from 19 IAU branches competed in the 4th edition of national Pahlavani Wrestling Championship in various categories including Charkh Tiz (sharp whirling), charkh-e chamani, Mil Giri (Sangin), Kabbadeh Zadan, Mil Bazi and Sang Giri.

In Pahlevani wrestling section Mehrshad Mohammadi, ranked first, Saeid Adaei, took second place, Meysam Sharifi and Erfan Aghajani ranked third.

Hamid Reza Kordi and Hamid Reza Torabi took first and second place, and Amir Hessam Izadi and Mehrdad Seifali Jointly ranked 3rd in Kabbadeh Keshi.

In Mil Giri, Abbad Mafkham, Ehsan Salajeghe, Ebrahim Azim and Amir Hessam Izadi (together) took the first to third place respectively.

In Sang Gereftan, Soran Moradi became first, Salar Ali Gholizadeh won second, Ayoub Samnejad and Mehrdad Seif Ali ranked third in this tournament.

Reza Abbariki, Mohammad Javaeji, Mohammad Amin Talebi and Soran Moradi (together) ranked 1st to 3rd respectively in charkh-e chamani.

In Charkh Tiz (sharp whirling), Salman Khani, Hamid Reza Kordi and Seyed Mohammad Havaeji ranked 1st to 3rd in order.

Reza Abbariki, Seyed Sajad Mousavi, Salmen Khani and Pejman Sokounati (mutually) ranked 1st to 3rd respectively in Mil Bazi category.

Pahlavani wrestling goes back to ancient Persia, and was originally used to train warriors. It combines martial arts and wrestling techniques, calisthenics, strength training and epic music.

The two competitors in a match try to take control over each other by throwing the opposite combatant back on his shoulder.

The wrestler is allowed to grab his opponent’s pants or belt as a grip. He can also use his own legs to off-balance a rival, hence causing him to fall to the ground.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recognized Pahlavani wrestling as among the world's longest-running forms of sport.


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