Iran, China to Build Solar Farm in Qom

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 15:38

Officials of Qom province and a Chinese company have signed a contract to build a solar farm in the province.

Seyed Mehdi Sadeghi, the Governor General of Qom province, and a Chinese company signed a contract in a ceremony in the investment committee of the province, Mehr News Agency reports.

Based on the contract, the Chinese company will build a 30 Megawatt solar power plant in Iranian province of Qom.

The governor general of Qom province signed a contract with a Chinese company to let the foreign party build a solar farm in the province.

“Attracting popular capital in economic projects is the only way to save the nation’s economy,” said the governor general of the province at the signing ceremony, underlining that attracting private sector investment is one of the priorities of national economy.

“Officials should ensure private sector investors that they will benefit from joining economic projects and the authorities of the country should win the investor’s trust,” he maintained.

Based on the newly signed contract, the new solar farm will get operational in a 6 month period in an area located on the Pardisan-Kahak road.


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