S & R IAU Researcher Makes Herbal Cosmetic Ingredients

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 11:17

A researcher from Science and Research Islamic Azad University has made herbal cosmetic ingredient through producing skin care cream containing aloe vera, hollyhock and quince.

According to an ISCA report, Saba Gourani explained that the cream they produced, with better stability and durability, contains herbal ingredients such as aloe vera, the hollyhock and quince.

As she said, the research basically investigated emulsifiers’ properties and mucilage, a thick, gluey substance produced by nearly all plants and some microorganisms, in order to be used in cosmetics.

Emulsifiers are used in creams and lotions to mix water with oils. Since water and oil do not mix but stay separated, an additional agent (emulsifier) is necessary to form a homogenous mixture keeping water and oil together.

Gourani noted that pilot testing has been done on the premier products so based on the results, it can be produced and commercialized in near future.

Herbs play crucial role in the beauty treatments and also in promoting overall health. Herbal cosmetics are just like herbal medicines which are made from herbal ingredients or herbal extracts to enhance the physical beauty of human body. Herbal cosmetics or organic cosmetics have been a part of beauty regime from the ancient times.

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