Scientists Need to Share Their Research for Free In Europe

Saturday, September 8, 2018 - 09:51

Based on a new rule from 11 European organizations, researchers have to publish every project funded by public grants in an open access journal or platform in 2020.

On Tuesday, the organizations launched cOAlition S, an initiative designed to ensure that, starting in 2020, researchers publish every project funded by public grants in an open access journal or platform, Futurism reports.

Members of cOAlition S include UK Research and Innovation, the French National Research Agency, and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. In total, the 11 organizations spend roughly €7.6 billion ($8.7 billion) each year funding research projects.

Often, researchers choose to publish studies about their work in journals that require a paid subscription to access, such as Nature or Science, because these publications are often considered more prestigious than their open access counterparts.

When published via a subscription journal, a project exists behind a paywall that restricts immediate access to only those willing to pony up some cash. It’s not until months or even years after publication that a paper becomes available to anyone for free.

Open access is also important for education, advocates note, since it means that students can learn the most up-to-date science. Finally, open access gives researchers the opportunity to build on each other’s work without having to worry about paying to access it.


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