Ardabil IAU Student Ranks 1st in Int’l Theater Festival of Caspian Countries

Saturday, October 6, 2018 - 12:21

A student of Ardabil Islamic Azad University could rank first in the Second International Theater Festival of Caspian Countries, took place in the city of Aktau in Kazakhstan, on September 13-16, 2018.

According to an ISCA report, the Second International Theater Festival of Caspian Countries started on September 13th with the presence of protocol members, directors of state theaters, artists, guest theater ensembles and members of the press media.

Mohammad Reza Erfani, law student of Ardabil IAU, could receive an honorary diploma and the Best of Show Award for the music composition of “You Denied Yourself to Me”.

“You Denied Yourself to Me” is the story of an author who is writing his book as the audience see how he is writing and how his life events develop. It continues with confusion, which is a dilemma for today’s human, especially those in his age.

The Second International theater of Caspian Countries featured performances of selected theater plays from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, the Russian Federation (Tataritan - Bashkortostan) and Turkmenistan.

The festival featured 8 performances by theaters from 5 countries and this year, performances held within the framework of the festival aiming at the strengthening of cultural ties among theaters of Caspian countries as well as at the exchange of experiences and repertoires among them are dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the famous Kazak actor Nurmuhan Janturin.


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