Online Education to Show Tremendous Growth

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 10:02

Based on the most recent survey of online higher education by the Sloan Consortium, titled “Grade Change: Tracking Online Education in the United States,” about 33.5% of college students now take at least one course online.

According to the Best Collages report, with the best online colleges increasingly offering more options to distance students, online education continues to show tremendous growth.

In addition, 65.9% of academic leaders surveyed at online colleges agreed that online education is critical to their schools’ future strategies, and only 9.7% of the schools surveyed disagreed with that statement (the remainder neither agreed nor disagreed). All of this points toward online education slowly and steadily becoming part of the higher education standard for schools in the U.S.

There are many reasons for this dramatic increase in enrollment among the country’s top online schools. More and more adults are returning to school to upgrade their skills and gain some advantage in an increasingly competitive job market.

A high school diploma no longer holds the same weight with potential employers that it once did. Having a college degree is more necessary than ever — and, thanks to fully integrated online programs, more relatable and accessible — for securing a decent job or advancing one’s career.

The best online colleges and universities offer flexible and relatively low-cost programs, making them especially attractive to students seeking an alternative to traditional brick and mortar schools. Working adults and students with children are among those who stand to benefit the most from earning a degree online.

Many of the best accredited online colleges also offer a greater variety of classes, not to mention they allow students the convenience of eliminating the commute to and from campus. Today, students pursuing an online degree from one of the nation’s best accredited online colleges or universities can rest assured they are getting an education on par with a traditional classroom program.

The best online accredited colleges provide especially flexible study options for distance students. While completing a degree from home time might be appealing to a variety of students, those who stand to benefit the most from an online education include caretakers, full-time workers, parents, and military personnel, just to name a few.

Through an online program, these students can accommodate both a convenient study schedule and a full-time job or other personal obligation. In addition to flexibility, target groups for online education may be eligible for additional perks specific to their needs. For example, working parents can potentially save on childcare costs, and military personnel can learn a new skill or pursue a new field by skipping the commute and completing their degree from a distance.


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