Smart App's Role in Yazd Urban Affairs

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 16:19

A knowledge-based firm has made a new smartphone application in the central city of Yazd in order to facilitate urban affairs.

The new application has been launched to facilitate the rapid and easy-to-use line of communication between the people and authorities, Financial Tribune reports. With a few taps, people can register complaints about urban issues or report emergencies like a leak in the water network or a fire.

Produced by the prominent knowledge-based firm Pishgaman, the application dubbed 'Shahrbin' (meaning ‘city watch’ in Persian) links residents and authorities in the hope of making urban management responsive and efficient, Webna news website reported.

According to the provincial Office of Information and Communication Technologies, the application should help augment transparency and public participation in urban management. Municipality financial reports can also be published via the application.


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