Tehran Hosts 2018 Muslim World Scientists

Sunday, November 18, 2018 - 12:41

Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS), has been held recently in Tehran’s Amirkabir University with participants from several Muslim countries.

According to an ISCA report, Mustafa foundations' KANS 2018 competitions was attended by some 1100 of the academics and university students aged under 45, all from 15 Muslim countries.

In the annual competition, organized by Mustafa (PBUH) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF), participants have been competing with each other within 5 fields namely as Energy, Environment and water, Economics, Information Technology and health. The winners have gained medals and Diploma of Honor.

Speaking during the KANS (Knowledge Application and Notion for Society) 2018 competitions award ceremony, the head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi described "Knowledge" as "Power" in today's world.

One of the key topics addressed in the competition was the water and environmental issues, which have gripped the Muslim world.

The KANS is a competition in which professors, scholars and students participate to offer their own ideas in the form of videos of three to five minutes. In this way, they seek to offer solutions to community problems based on scientific methods.

In the first edition of this competition, most of the works were about water and environmental woes, indicating the importance of this area for scholars, professors and students.

The closing ceremony of KANS was held on November 12 at Amirkabir University. The top 15 scholars presented their works to the jury as well as domestic and international participants.

On the sidelines of the event, all participants wrote their views regarding the challenges of life and society on a wall.

Mustafa Prize, the Iranian version of Nobel Peace Prize, was launched in 2013 with the mission to promote science and technology in the Islamic world.


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