Shams Langerudi: Art Creates Beauty and Never Lies

Monday, November 19, 2018 - 08:47

Guilan Research Center at the University of Guilan has held a ceremony and honored Mohammad Shams Lagerudi, the 68-year-old poet of such outstanding collections as “Ode to the Slit Smile”, “Ashes & the Lady” and “The Hidden Fete.”

According to an ISCA report, Mohammad Shams Langeroodi is a contemporary Iranian poet, author and university lecturer who has researched extensively on different periods of Persian poetry, most famous of which has resulted in An Analytic History of Persian Modern Poetry in four volumes.

During the honoring ceremony held in Rasht, Shams Langerudi quoted a comment from his fellow poet, Ahmad Shamlu, “Working in crises is like tunneling in the mount of impossibilities,” and said, “There are many problems, limits and impediments, but people do not see the path of change.”

He expressed his thanks to all those people who have empathy for his poetry and added, “This empathy is really great, because it’s impossible to compose a poem in a vacuum. It is you who care about the works of the poets and encourage them by your empathy.”

“Life doesn’t cost a thing, however, nothing is more precious than life, therefore what I wrote and composed were for my heart, and as result, my poems are influential and inspiring,” he stated.

He said that he has promoted kindness and honesty in his poetry and noted that these characteristics make it popular.

Shams Lagerudi also pursued a career in acting by portraying a poet in “Flamingo No. 13” directed by Hamidreza Aliqolian in 2010. He also played roles in “Five to Five” by Tara Otadi and “Risk of Acid Rain” by Behtash Sanaeiha.


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