IAU Students Shine at 2018 Lifesaving World C’ships

Monday, November 19, 2018 - 13:11

Iranian swimmers ranked first in the 2018 Lifesaving World Championships in South Australian shores.

According to an ISCA report, more than 6000 participants from 44 countries competed in 2018 Lifesaving World Championships from Nov. 16 to Dec. 2 at Glenelg Beach and the world-class South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre in Adelaide.

The Iranian team consists of Ilkhan Nouri, Mohammad Nazeri, Soheil Ashtiani and Hamid Ghodsinejad beat the Italian team to win 4x50m Obstacle Relay gold medal. Iranian swimmers also won three medals in individual section.

Ilkhan Nouri, PhD student of Karaj IAU, won the gold medal of this tournament. Ghodsinejad (Ahwaz IAU student) won the silver in the discipline with a time of 02:15:15 and the bronze medal went to Nazeri (Shiraz IAU student) who clocked 02:17:44.

Soheil Maleka Ashtiani (Karaj IAU student) took a gold medal at the 100m manikin tow with fins men, clocking 55:85. He seized a gold medal in the 200m Obstacle Swim with a clock of 02:07:85.

Moreover, Mohammad Nazeri and Hamid Ghodsinejad claimed two silver medals at 50m manikin carry.


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