Iran, Lithuania Cooperation Conference Held in Tehran

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 12:49

The scientific, cultural and tourism cooperation conference between Republic of Lithuania and Islamic Republic of Iran has been held with the presence of representatives from the foreign, tourism and university sectors on November 26 at Spinas Hotel in Tehran.

According to an ISCA report, Lithuania's Honorary Consul in Iran, Dr. Mohsen Karimi Tabasi stated that expanding tourism and academic cooperation were the main points of this conference.

He explained that there are almost 2700 academic centers affiliated to Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Ministry of Health and Medical Education with more than 3 million and 5 hundred students in Iran.

Lithuania's Honorary Consul in Iran noted that the conference also aimed at expanding academic relations, establishing science, research and academic centers and running Lithuanian language centers. He also announced steps taken to improve the tourism and scientific relations between the two countries.

In his exclusive interview with Iran Press news agency, Ambassador of Republic of Lithuania in Turkey, Adrious Bruzga, said that "We are opening the windows to Iran. We celebrated the 25 years' anniversary of our relationship with Iran but we just started to build its' foundation for really a solid cooperation.”

"The conference put forward the elements of future cooperation. We started our relationship with culture and tourism and of course by exchanges of universities, and we might continue further. Also we are building an economic and trade cooperation with Iran," he noted.


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