Mianeh IAU Student Becomes Champion in World Military Taekwondo Tournament

Monday, December 3, 2018 - 09:37

A student of Mianeh Islamic Azad University has snatched a gold medal in the 24th World Military Championship (WMC) Taekwondo tournament at the Brazilian naval base in Rio from Nov 27th to Dec 3rd.

According to an ISCA report, Amir Mohammad Bakhshi defeated rivals from Cameron 28-5, Canada 19-4, Brazil 13-5, and Bulgaria 25-5 and won the gold medal at 2018 World Military Taekwondo Championship.

The 24th edition of World Military Taekwondo Championships were held from November 29 to December 3 in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Being included in the International Military Sports Council (CISM) calendar, coordinated by the Ministries of Defense and Sports of Brazil and organized by Navy of Brazil (MB), with participation of some 340 military athletes from 25 countries such as Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, China, United States, Iran, Italy and Russia.

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