"Azad Payesh Plan" to Improve Country’s Condition

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 12:55

The acting head of East-Tehran Islamic Azad University has stated that almost 1800 practical subjects in the field of natural hazard have been identified and proposed for "Azad Payesh Plan".

According to an ISCA report, "Azad Payash Plan", referring to an Effective Unified Research Network, aims at being pioneer in one of the most important challenges of the country in order to solve the problem and improve the situation, finally the performance of IAU branches will be evaluated.

In this regard, Dr. Ahmad Seif explained that among five continents, almost one third of natural disasters occur in Asia, also Iran has been rated as one of the nations in most at risk from extreme weather and geophysical events, so the university has extracted almost 1800 relevant subjects for students to apply in their academic researches.

He also noted that universities must provide adequate facilities and appropriate learning environments for students, because it can play a crucial role in improving outcomes for both teachers and students.

Collaborations across IAU branches required redundant review at each individual institution to developing new treatments to improve the country’s condition.

A unified research network will foster collaborative efforts among investigators, increase efficiency and reduce regulatory burden on researchers.


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