The Head of South Tehran IAU:

South Tehran IAU to Follow Problem-Solving Approach in Energy & Material

Sunday, December 9, 2018 - 10:33

The head of Islamic Azad University, South Tehran branch, has announced that the university will be active in the field of energy and material.

According to IAU Public Relations, Javad Olamaei stated that universities have a significant place in developing countries and training specialists in order to respond to needs of the society.

Dr. Olamaei noted that universities play a strong role in advanced economic systems, also they are the key of educating human capital.

He also declared that "Fourth Generation Universities” have a significant role in the enhancement of different regions. Modern universities have to fulfill the needs and demands of knowledge-based society.

The accurate characteristics of fourth generation universities are in an embryonic stage, their attributes require consideration. The fourth generation university fits properly in the progress of university development. The most significant difference is that these universities have a much more notable strategic approach and they are able to shape their environment proactively.

The head of South-Tehran IAU also emphasized that 4th generation universities are mainly responsible for offering entrepreneurship programs and solving the society’s problems therefore, this unit has been responsible for the science and technology programs.


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