Lahijan IAU Students’ 3D Printer Exploited

Sunday, December 9, 2018 - 15:57

Students of Lahijan Islamic Azad University made a 3D printer that runs on FDM Technology which has been exploited.

According to an ISCA report, FDM technology works with specialized 3D printers and production-grade thermoplastics to build strong, durable and dimensionally stable parts with the best accuracy and repeatability of any 3D printing technology.

The head of Lahijan IAU stated that using biological and ceramic parts in specific printers can meet the various requirements of different fields including medicine, mechanics and civil engineering.

The benefits of FDM are that the technology is clean, simple-to-use and office-friendly, supported production-grade thermoplastics are mechanically and environmentally stable and complex geometries and cavities that would otherwise be problematic become practical with FDM technology.

As Sirous Bidariq said, the project aimed at familiarizing the team with the printer’s performance, also in comparison with similar foreign and imported devices, producing this 3D printer is more economical.


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