Sari IAU Incubator Inspiring Other Branches

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 12:34

The research deputy of Sari IAU has stated that the university’s incubator focuses on producing information technology contents.

According to an ISCA report, as the biggest brick-and-mortar university in the world, Islamic Azad University is always emphasizing on “Educational Justice” and recently is trying to achieve the university’s 1404 outlook, (Iran’s 1404 (March 2025-March 2026) Outlook Plan) that is IAU will be the students' first choice university until the year 1404.

In this regard, Dr. Mohammad Farsi explained that there are 5 independent incubators and 2 satellite ones, 18 core technology and 6 Technology Units that are going to be knowledge-based companies in near future.

As he said, producing water transfer printing, developing and producing content for MTN Irancell and producing car GPS tracker are some achievements of these incubators.

Dr. Farsi noted that besides tuition revenues sources, signing MoUs with various organizations such as Mazandaran Province Gas Co. and the office for registration of deeds and properties could boost revenue for the university.

It is worth mention that Sari IAU was run in 1992 with various majors including computer and mechanical engineering, educational sciences, and nursing and midwifery management.


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