Mobile Phone-Based ECG Unveiled at Technomarket

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 16:34

The first technomarket of Islamic Azad University, with a focus on medical equipment, has been held in permanent exhibition of knowledge-based products in IAU Central Organization.

According to an ANA report, in this technomarket, which mainly refers to the prospective studies and innovative projects, Science and Research IAU, with 24 research plans, presented the most research plans in this market.

A member of IAU High Council of Medical Engineering Research Center explained that mobile phone-based ECG has been unveiled in this market for the first time. Electrocardiography can be monitor anytime, anywhere and send the report to the medical expert with this portable device and can effectively communicate with them.

Babak Rezaei Afshar stated that there is a special electrocardiographic pad on this portable device which can be touched and then shows electrical activity of the heart on the cell phone. Desirable design, long-term signal recording, being lightweight and small and wireless are some features of this knowledge-based product.


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