Hossein Salar Amoli:

IAU Provides High-Quality Education in the Country

Saturday, December 15, 2018 - 11:35

Iran’s Deputy Minister of Science for International Affairs, has stated that Islamic Azad University is the best-quality non-profit university of the country that Ministry of Science, Research and Technology must pave its way for internationalization.

According to an ISCA report, at the 2018 conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) Dr. Hossein Salar Amoli presented his speech and stated that developing science and technology is a vital subject that has been paid more attention than ever.

He continued that three major Ministries including Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health and Medical Education are cooperating in developing higher education.

Dr. Salar Amoli noted that applying science and technology in the society and solving cultural, social and even economic problems, promoting and developing scientific, technical and educational courses, internationalizing higher education and promoting the role of non-profit universities are the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology's 4 main policies.

He also explained that in terms of quality, Iranian universities rank first in the Middle East, also Iran places first among Islamic countries for publishing scientific journals.

The 2018 conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL), with the theme of “The Role of Private Universities on the Development of Higher Education” was held for 3 days, from December 11th to 13th in Qazvin IAU.

Representatives of high-ranking universities from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Malaya and Vietnam participated in the event.

The conference plays a significant role as the source of valuable insight and inspiration for the development of higher education among the Southeast Asian academia.


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