Deputy for Student and Cultural Affairs:

IAU Students Can be World’s Symbol in Technology

Monday, December 24, 2018 - 12:49

The Deputy for Student and Cultural Affairs, Hojjat al-Eslam Ebrahim Kalantari has stated that elite students are able to introduce a pattern in the field of information and communication technology to the world.

According to an ANA report, in the Strategic Council for IAU Application, Hojjat al-Eslam Ebrahim Kalantari explained that elite students has run a practical application which can provide all cultural and student services as well as a part of educational services, like a messenger, for its users.

Kalantari declared that as cyberspace and social media have become a part of the real life, it requires serious attentions to be done, so IAU students’ relevant achievements are considered as valuable activities in the field of information and communications technology.

The IAU deputy for Student and Cultural Affairs also noted that making progress in science and technology are academics’ main responsibility so as being a great world symbol in Islamic revolution, we can be a symbolism of science and technology in the world as well.

The president of Islamic Azad University has unveiled IAU Messenger System in a ceremony held on the occasion of Iranian National Students Day (Azar 16 or December 7).

Being able to send audio and video information, create group and channel, in-app payment, transfer information in various platforms, view student's educational and academic status, register students’ requests, send and check the request, pay tuition, upload and validate students’ test scores, download articles and having access to international libraries, Student Transfer Requests, hold academic courses, ask for services such as parking and dining hall, register in scientific and cultural programs, etc. are some services provided by this system.


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